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100 Year Anniversary

Five founder photo
Billy Latta
Frank Granieri
Peter Latta
Jim Latta
Jack Latta

A Message From
The Latta Family

Much can be said about the first 100 years of A. Duie Pyle’s history, with countless Thanks owed to the many who have allowed Pyle to successfully travel this path that included many formidable challenges along the way.

Our success is owed to thousands of Pyle People whose unwavering dedication, loyalty and hard work over these first 100 years served our customers as we did our best to deliver on Pyle’s promise of Service First.

Our business's longevity, spanning a century, would not have been possible without the steadfast loyalty of our customers. This includes our inaugural customer who, in April 1924, entrusted their cargo to ride on Alexander Duie Pyle's very first truck. Lukens Steel Company, that pivotal first customer, has consistently chosen Pyle over the years, and remains a customer today. Originally a family-run business until its transition to a publicly traded company, Lukens Steel evolved into an integral part of Cleveland Cliffs, the leading producer of flat-rolled steel plate in North America. This lasting relationship highlights the critical importance of dedicated customers to our ongoing prosperity.

We also remain indebted to our vendors who have supported us over the many years, whether it was with products and equipment supplied for use in our business, or valued services upon which we relied.

Finally, a special debt of gratitude is humbly owed to our founders of the family business, Alexander Duie Pyle and Mary Ellen Pyle, and to the 2nd generation leaders, their daughter, Eleanor Pyle Latta and her husband James Latta, Jr. Their vision, values, and stewardship have laid the foundation for our success and continue to inspire us as we move forward into the future.

D i d   Y o u   K n o w

Logistics Giant: Today, A. Duie Pyle is one of the world’s largest LTL providers in the U.S., delivering over 2 million shipments annually across the Northeast.


D i d   Y o u   K n o w

In Cab Communication: Pyle was the first LTL company to install computers in trucks providing satellite communication and enhancing the customer experience through direct communication with the pickup and delivery driver.

D i d   Y o u   K n o w

Geographic Scale: In addition to the Northeast, through partnerships and import/export services, Pyle moves shipments destined to locations in the 48 contiguous states as well as to places worldwide, showcasing its extensive global logistics network.